Bonding With Baby, it's The Little Things

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

1. Be present in the moment, this time with your little one is precious.

2. Breastfeed, this is a great way to bond with baby. Bottle feeding? Focus on eye to eye contact and snuggling baby while feeding.

3. Provide your baby with opportunities for skin to skin contact. Skin to skin provides a multitude of benefits to baby, and both parents are encouraged to try.

4. Eye to eye contact, gaze into your sweet babes eyes.

5. Baby wearing, not only allows for bonding, but allows parents to multitask. The more you do it the more natural it becomes.

6. Respond to babes cues. Learn early signs of hunger and feed baby. Avoid letting baby cry it out, this develops trust.

7. Read to baby, this is good for early language skills and is soothing to baby.

8. Infant massage provides a excellent opportunity for bonding and can help to relax baby.

9. Buddy up! Take your first class together and enroll in a Parent & Me yoga class.

10. Remember, take time for yourself. Sleep when baby sleeps and try to minimize outside stressors in the early days. Happy parent = happier baby

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