Labor Bag Must Haves from a Childbirth Educator

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

The Hospital Bag: What to Bring

Must Have • Charger • Bra without underwire, preferably nursing bra • Toiletries, deodorant (if you prefer your own, hospital will supply) • Slippers or flip flops • Comfortable, loose outfit to go home in • Outfit for baby to go home in • Receiving blanket or two for baby to go home with • Car seat

Good to Have • Birth plan (two copies, one for nurse, one for room) • Extra-long charger • Snacks for support person (you want them to leave as little as possible) • Ponytail holders • Socks (if you prefer your own, the hospital will supply) • Pillows (if you prefer your own, hospital will supply) • Small blankets (if you prefer your own, hospital will supply) • Pajamas that open in front (if you prefer your own, hospital will supply) • Essential oils for aromatherapy • Boppy pillow • White noise machine

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